100% VG, All Natural & Organic Flavor
Childproof Cap
High Quality Black Dropper
Sugared bananas soaked in liqueur
and set aflame
Banananas Flambe
100% VG, All Natural & Organic Flavor
Childproof Cap
High Quality Black Dropper
Sweet, Light Red Apple
Apple Juice
100% VG, All Natural & Organic Flavor
Childproof Cap
High Quality Black Dropper
Pina Colada Party On The Beach
Blue Hawaii 
100% VG, All Natural & Organic Flavor
Childproof Cap
High Quality Black Dropper
Sweet Blueberry Pastry Treat
Blue Heaven

Candy Flavor Eliquid

Dessert Flavor Eliquid

Vape Place E-liquid Electronic Cigarette Vape Shop

We are proud to be the first electronic cigarette store in the South Bay, and the only store in Souther California that has build its business selling only Alchemy e-Lixirs premium 100% VG eliquid with all natural flavor, and our own in-house blend View our product Selection. Our customers’ health is paramount, and switching from cigarettes to ecigs can be a difficult transition. At Vape Place, our staff is well-versed in many different areas of the ecig and vape industry, allowing us to educate our customers to the fullest, giving them the tools they will need to successfully make the switch. Whether you are new to the industry and need help understanding the components of your device or are an experienced vaper, there are always knowledgeable staff members in store to answer all of your questions and guide you on rebuilding or modifying your existing equipment.

We have two location to better serve your vape needs:

Vape Place E-liquid Electronic Cigarette Vape Shop : (310) 371-1328

2705 Artesia Boulevard                                                                
Redondo Beach, CA 90278                                                     

 Vape Place E-liquid Electronic Cigarette Vape Shop :  (424) 293-0212

11725 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Organic eliquid 

About Alchemy e-Lixirs eliquid

Our eliquid is 100%VG all natural, organic e-liquid hand brewed in Los Angeles.Alchemy e-Lixirs was born out of the desire to create the purest, most delicious e-liquid available! Our alchemists have a combined 65 years experience in the culinary arts, mixology, perfumery & aromatherapy.

Our e-liquids are made in the South Bay – Redondo Beach from US-sourced ingredients & are completely free from propylene glycol, artificial flavors, colors & sweeteners. We use only 100% certified organic, USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerine; certified organic, organic-compliant, & natural food-grade flavors; & USP pharmaceutical grade nicotine (optional) naturally extracted from tobacco. Some juices are colored with extracts from edible flowers & vegetables.

We are excited to be working with a leading provider of organic flavors to the food industry, & proud to be the first known US e-liquid manufacturer using flavors being developed specifically for e-cig application. Our e-liquids are available at five nicotine levels ranging from 0 to 24 mgs.


The real question is.. What’s in your Vape?

Our raw materials must meet the highest standards and you’ll taste the difference in our flavors immediately!

Alchemy e-Lixirs is…

* Pure…our e-liquid is developed with only all natural and organic flavors. Vaping our e-liquid is like picking fruit fresh off the tree.

* Clean…our e-liquids are free from propylene glycol, distilled water, artificial flavors, colors and sweeteners.

* Environmentally Conscious…our labels are made of stone and are 100% biodegradable as is the adhesive. We leave no stone unturned when sourcing the right products for our e-liquid, from the inside out we focus on delivering the healthiest product for your body and our planet.

* Complex…our original recipes are multifaceted, delicious vapes that are true to their name. Like a fine wine, everything from the mouth feel to the taste are considered and tested extensively before being offered to you.